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Flexible WorkForce Contract Vendor Registry


We have hundreds of clients who need independent contractors driving everything from cars to tractor trailers.  Routes are becoming available in just about every market, every day.  Today it might be cars, tomorrow Sprinters, and the next week Box Trucks.  Having your up to date info in the registry makes you readily available to our clients to send you an invite to talk about their needs.


If you would like to fully enroll with Flexible WorkForce, a client can literally invite you to start providing services the SAME DAY!   Simply follow the Open Enrollment link below.  You will be directed to a 3-page information form which gives our system the information it needs to pre-populate our contract packet.  There is no cost to you and no obligation.  If you sign the contracts and later want to cancel the agreement, simply send us an email and we will deactivate you in our system


Please visit our ENROLLMENT PAGE here 

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Set up and LLC and get more offers!!

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Another great opportunity is our Parcel 1 Express


Parcel 1 Express is a consolidating agent for Parcel Partners and the USPS.  By signing up you can make $.25 per package label for every Priority Mail package a company you refer ships. You encounter potential customers every day! 

Parcel 1 Express offers very competitive USPS Priority Mail domestic and international pricing particularly against FedEx and UPS, with no contract or volume commitment. This program is for shippers of all size but is particularly beneficial to eCommerce shippers of any type or size. 


 You provide the lead, we close the deal, and both you and the customer benefit. Win-win!


To enroll in Parcel 1 Express, no obligation, no cost program


Like the idea of being your own boss with a thriving customer base and generous opportunities to make much more than what you are making now? 


Ever consider becoming a Master Contractor?  

If the answer is YES, we can help!


Introducing the Master Contractor Launch Pad

Flexible Workforce (FWF) has a program that can assist individual drivers to become Master Contractors and eventually a fully established brick and mortar local operation.

As a logistics industry incubator, FWF has a 7-step FlexMaster program to get you set up and ready to profit!

To find out more and get an idea of the potential, go to